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As a newbie to Monzo, I’ve been trying to note down the things which aren’t that obvious. One popped up again in a thread here (Transferring to pots).

Is there a ‘Hints & Tips’ page somewhere? I’ve looked in-app help but can’t see the following called out specifically. Most of this I’ve gleaned from the forums!

  • Pulse Graph will appear at the top of the Home tab after (up to) 2 months and 3 days to allow for enough data to be shown (note that Pulse Graph has been removed from the ‘Monzo New Navigation’ interface if toggled within ‘Monzo Labs’)

  • You can switch accounts by ‘hard pressing’ or long pressing on the bottom tab bar. [iOS only for now]

  • "Find out about overdrafts" can be removed if you chat (in-app chat asked via Help) to someone.

  • If you have a Pot set to "Round up Transactions" note that any Transactions below £1 will not be rounded up and added to the Pot. This is to prevent small active card check transactions from being rounded up.

  • Moving to Monzo is limited by account type, so you can only move from single to single, or joint to joint account. You can’t switch from single to joint, or joint to single.

  • For an incoming bank transfer to be seen as ‘Salary’ it must be £200 or more and be via BACS not Faster Payments (which is what many banks default to for manual transfers). Update: With Bill Pots, it is now possible to use any value of Income over £100 with the Salary Splitter. Note that this still does not mean that income is categorised as “Salary” so budgeting will not consider this transaction.

  • When using TransferWise, the reference should be kept short.

  • When adding to Pots, you can type in a specific amount (e.g. £4.28) rather than using the + or - buttons. Tap on the amount to do this.

  • You can change the image on a Pot, by opening the Pot, tapping ‘Edit Pot’, and then tapping the image. Custom images can be uploaded.

  • At present, when you open the Home tab in Monzo, there may be a delay of a few seconds until the balance/available amount are updated. This may depend on your data connection or number of transactions. Don’t panic. The money is still there.

  • If you have a query on a specific transaction, tap on it to open it, and scroll to the bottom where it says “Something Wrong? Tell Us!”. This will open the in-app chat and allow the Monzo staff to see additional transaction details behind the scenes.

  • To exclude an item from the summary calculations, tap on the transaction, and scroll down to see the option to “Exclude from Summary”

  • See the locations of where you have made purchases by clicking on the map background shown at the top of your ‘Profile’ (behind your profile picture) - ANDROID ONLY

  • If you’re setting it up payment/salary through JPA, when searching for the bank name do not type ‘Monzo’ you need to search for Clearbank limited. The bank Branch needs to entered as ‘Monzo 040004’.

See also Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂) for more help.


Does it not go if you toggle off lending promotions in app?

Nope, which is why I ended up chatting to in-app chat to get it removed. But I’ll update my that ‘tip’.

Mind you, with the speed things change I guess maintaining this kind of thing will be tricky!

Great list! The other thing that often catches folk out is transferring money to pots - you can overtype the value, so it doesn’t have to be in £5 increments!


Nice one!

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Do you want to turn this into a wiki so folk can add their own to your initial post?

Happily! How do I do that then? :slight_smile:

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Tap the three dots below your first post, then the spanner, then “make wiki”. Let me know if it’s not there and I’ll do it for you!

Ahhh I have no spanner option. Feel free to convert it.

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Hi - I’m new to this so not sure if i’m typing in the right place.

I’m in the army and struggled to set up my salary being paid directly into my Monzo account. For anyone out there that has tried to do this if you’re setting it up through JPA, when searching for the bank name do not type ‘Monzo’ you need to search for Clearbank limited. The bank Branch needs to entered as ‘Monzo 040004’ .

Hope it helps someone!


Cheers for sharing!

Thanks - this worked for my pay too.


Thanks for the info - I will pass it onto HR. They have raised an incident with JPAC as they were unable to find Monzo but JPAC came back with Clearbank Ltd. Hopefully, JPAC can update the Payroll Information to include Monzo.

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