Clearer switch between personal and joint accounts

I’m loving having both a personal and a joint Monzo account, however Not sure if it’s just me, but the UI needs a bit of work. It’s too easy to find yourself in the joint account section when you’re trying to do stuff in your personal account. Almost like there just needs to be basic and clear tabs at the very top so you know exactly which one you’re in.

As an example, it took me a good 20 mins of getting very frustrated to figure out how to create a pot in my personal account. It kept showing up in the joint account instead.

Whilst I’m here, there reaaaally needs to be clearer differences between the 2 cards. Have to get them both out every time so I know which ones the joint. Just needs a different colour. Or maybe even just solid white or something?

You can tap the home button to cycle between joint and current accounts.

Also when on the payments screen (for example) there is a switch button in the top left to swap between the two :slight_smile:

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I think the mechanism is fine, it’s more when you are in one or the other that UI could help signal this a bit better. I agree with the OP on this, if you scroll left to right fast enough from Personal to Joint… .it’s almost just like another pot. A few indicators could be added to make this more obvious when I re-open the app.

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I’d like to see Joint accounts switched the same way Business and US accounts are.

They’re different accounts and should be treated so in my opinion.

You can enable this in labs

Oh yeah? How’d I do that!?

Looks like it was removed.

It was settings > Labs > New Nav for Joint Accounts


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I don’t recall seeing this in the app or mentioned on here, which is very strange as we have people who tear down the app on every release.

I don’t think you’ve missed out so I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile:

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I’m sure that was > New Nav for Business Accounts, which I toyed with in it’s early days but it didn’t affect the Joint Account at all. And I’m always looking for the Joint Account updates/improvements :smile:
(It has since been removed from Labs, maybe for non-Business accounts?)

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Can’t remember but it affected my US account.

I only carry the personal one. I just move the money from joint if necessary.

Great for you. Some of us carry both.