Experiences with worldwide gadget insurance

So I’m abroad and my iPhone is broken. I have insurance with CoverCloud but as I am beginning to make a claim it comes to the realisation that the “worldwide cover” - whilst affordable and extensive of what it covers - annoyingly requires me to send the phone (at my cost) to the UK repair centre. They’ll then only return it to a UK address and I’ll have to organise postage back out to me internationally on the other side of the world and no doubt it’ll cost a small fortune.

This seems like a really annoying oversight on this kind of “worldwide” cover. I’m wondering what experiences other people have had that may be similar and whether they have any providers they recommend?


Sounds pretty rubbish. It might be a better idea to buy a cheap phone where you are and sort it out back home.

Just bought a cheap Android. But need my usual phone considering how much I paid for it. The length of time I am travelling for though sadly I am just going to have to pay the costs as otherwise it’s £650 or so for a replacement.

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It’s really bad service, I think.

If they’re offering a world wide policy, it should really cover the cost of repair or replacement locally.

Mm, glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Maybe trying out Revolut phone insurance will be better



that’s how most worldwide phone insurance work they will only ship to a UK address regardless where the incident happened

Interesting. But an irritating circumstance…