O2 Insurance or AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss


I’ve recently taken out a new contract with O2 with an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I took out O2 Insurance at £15 a month, but can see that AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss is slightly cheaper at £12.50 a month.

Realise it’s a small difference in price, but if it’s cheaper and offers the same I’m thinking I’ll switch.

Interested in opinions as I’m unsure what the difference is!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d go with AC+TL even if it was more expensive.

Lose your phone now and depending how far you are from an Apple Store, you’ll have a replacement tonight. If you smash it, replacement today.

Do that with o2 and I doubt you’d have one by the end of the week and they never seem to be repaired properly.


Yeah, looking on the O2 website (Best Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance | Low Cost Full Coverage | O2) the quickest you can get is next day but that means paying higher excess. 3-5 days otherwise.

More networks should do what EE does and bundle Apple Care with their insurance policies, it’s a hybrid product so means next day replacements for loss/theft, but you can use Apple Stores for battery replacements and screen replacements etc.


I wouldn’t even consider the o2 insurance unless it was significantly cheaper, let alone more expensive.


Sounds like I’m off to AppleCare then! Thank you everyone!


I always rely on bank account insurance, for that sort of money you get breakdown cover and travel insurance included as well.


Definitely this - unless you live In the absolute sticks then going to the Apple Store and getting a decent replacement or repair done is going to be better than any insurance out there, in my experience.

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Yep I think that definitely sounds like the best route.

I’m about 60 miles away from an Apple Store, but could at least still get there the same day if I needed to.

I cancelled the O2 Insurance today, now in the 30 day notice period. When that comes to an end I’ll set up AppleCare+ TL, as I’ll still be within the period of time I’m able to do this. :blush:


I’ve learnt my lesson with bank account gadget insurers, they’re not a great service at all.

I’d pay a tad more and just get Apple Care+ with Theft and Loss if I was in your position.