Mobile Phone And Gadget Insurance

can anyone recommend somewhere I can get gadget cover for my mobile

Have you got home insurance? You can cover these things through your contents insurance for much cheaper than gadget insurance.

no I don’t I was just looking for gadget insurance and I found a company called loveitcoverit

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Buy a Speck Candyshell and a glass screen protector for a fraction of the price of gadget insurance. Look after your phone and protect it. I’ve never needed to claim on any insurance. The insurance is a false economy.

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Indeed he was. I was giving the OP a positive, alternative suggestion.

The way described is the way I’ve ’insured’ my mobile phones and I’ve saved loads in premiums and excesses as a result. :+1:

I’ve had some potentially catastrophic drops of my phones and they’ve survived.

If the OP wishes to consider that alternative, great. If they wish to go for traditional (more expensive) insurance, that’s fine too.

I’m not entirely sure why you’re so hostile? :thinking:Have a read of the community guidelines.


It’s the way you chose to interpret my words and you chose to make a meal of it.

You’re taking things off topic and that’s not helping.

I suggest you let the OP decide whether my suggestion was useful or not, rather than you deciding for everyone.

Take a look at so-sure, that’s who I insure my mobile phone with and it’s really cheap too.

I can’t remember if they do gadgets as well as mobile phones (I think they do) but they say they’ll repair/replace your phone within 24-72hrs of a validated claim. Plus you can get cashback off your premium if you invite friends and family who join using your link too.

Gadget insurance (aside from mobile phones) are a bit of a tricky one to get hold of cheap unless you can insure with your contents insurance. Protect Your Bubble is another good one that reduces your premium the more items you insure with them (though the claims process supposedly takes longer).

Hopefully that sheds some light on things for you anyway :grin:

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Who knew phone insurance could be such a heated topic?? :joy:

It is of course just my opinion but I happen to agree with the comments here about protecting the phone and skipping the insurance. Personally I’ve never insured my phones and I normally have the flagship iPhone.

That said I’ve heard great things about the phone insurance that is bundled with the nationwide account


I need insurance just in case my kids get hold of my phone