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Hi all!

Is there any good gadget insurance that you could recommend. I was, stupidly, relying on my contents insurance, up until yesterday, when I got mugged, and after a quick chat with my insurance provider it sounds like I am not protected for theft happening outside my flat, and that is yet another different kind of insurance.

Are there any insurers out there that are worth looking at? I am hopping to insure like my watch, my headphones and other bits and pieces that I carry with me at most time and don’t pay much attention to them up until somebody grabs them from your head and runs off on a bike… (sigh I was so happy with my QC35s…)

Obviously, at the moment, mostly interested in the theft cover…

I’ve been recently looking at Wrisk. New to the market but look to have a good/fair offering and insure outside the home too. App available on iPhone, not sure about android. Look and feel of a Monzo type company. Definitely worth a look.


I’ve claimed on my house insurance before - but it comes with “personal possessions” cover (personal items outside the house). Perhaps check how much it is to add this on. Usual works out much cheaper than stand alone cover. Hope that helps.

I shall give them a call but my impression is they don’t offer that… they were in a rush to drop me off the line last night, definitely not pleasant experience speaking to them after the accident but oh well…

No idea but hope you’re ok after that :open_mouth:

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Yeah, thankfully all good. Was more shocking than anything…


the Barclays tech insurance pack in my opinion is by far the best , but you do need am account with them,

For ÂŁ12.50 per month coverage for

4 Mobile phones, unlimited gadgets including laptops satnavs tablets smart watches etc (upto 1500ÂŁ per gadget value
Worldwide loss, theft, breakage and accidental damage coverage.
ÂŁ75 excess

Max 4 theft and loss claims per year but unlimited damage claims
Gadgets upto 5 years old.

I know nationwide/Halifax is around that price with car breakdown etc but they don’t cover laptops (just coverage for an ~£900 laptop is around£ 8-10 per month from my research)

If anyone knows of cheaper coverage which includes laptops and phones etc plus lmk

Seems like phone and gadget insurance might technically be separate so maybe 4 claims on each category although I haven’t read the t &C’s ,but definitely implies it.

OP, the nationwide account with insurance benefits, includes phone insurance with accessories like earphones although not laptops etc if that’s better for you.


Actually that sounds good, though I might wait a bit in that case as I am currently using the Nationwide FlexPlus to cover for Worldwide Family Travel (Including Excess Waiver) & Mobile, however as I am moving my mortgage to HSBC in December, I will get Travel Insurance with them and then the Barclays offer would make more sense for me (e.g. including mobile phone).

Edit: I just realized that this insurance is only available to Barclays current account owners… :frowning:

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Has anyone had any experience with ProtectYourBubble? They look cheap(ish)…

Ye it’s only for Barclays customers, although I personally find Barclays the best of the legacy banks especially in terms of online /app banking

About protect your bubble, it’s 13.99 without loss cover and for only 3 gadgets , but if the excess is significantly cheaper then it might be worth it, otherwise prob not

I have the Barclays tech pack, which is really good.

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