Excluding parts of payments from summary

The ‘exclude from summary’ function is so useful but it doesn’t work for part payments. For example, if I buy tickets for me and someone else and then they pay me back for their ticket, the app thinks that I’ve spent the whole amount still even if I mark half of the payment as ‘transfers’ and the person paying me back as ‘transfers’. The payment back gets excluded from my summary but the half payment out doesn’t. It would be great if this could be fixed!

That’s because you need to categorise the received payment as the same category as the spend, to balance the overall spending.

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I did. Payment out was categorised as ‘transfers’ as well as one other category (50% each category). Payment in was categorised as ‘transfers’. I’ve got the settings set up so that ‘transfers’ are automatically excluded from summary. The payment in has been excluded, but the 50% of the payment out has not been excluded. This means that 100% of the payment out is showing in my summary as being spent, even though 50% of it is categorised as ‘transfers’.

You need to label them as the purchase ie groceries for it to balance. Not transfers as they are automatically excluded.

Be sure youve not tapped exclude from summary on both so it reflects in budgets.

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