Ability to exclude part of payment from spending summary

Hello everyone! :wave:

First post here so apologies if i’ve missed that this has already been suggested, in a similar vein to the splitting payments into multiple categories which its great with plus. I think it would be useful to be able to exclude just part of a payment from the spending summary.

An example of a personal use case is if I make a fairly large payment when shopping parts of the payment are normal things which I want to be included in my monthly summary, however if i’ve included gifts for others or large one offs I’d rather exclude that from my monthly summary and take the money from a pot instead.

Just a quick generic example, if I place an order on Amazon for £250. £50 is normal household goods which should be included in the normal summary in groceries/personal care, but £200 is an impulse purchase of an expensive gadget :grimacing: . In this example unless i’ve missed something obvious the options are

  1. Exclude everything from summary which means summary is then inaccurate with regards to the regular part of the shop
  2. Exclude nothing in which case the normal budget is pretty messed up for the rest of the month

Thanks very much!