Incoming payments no longer affect spending breakdown

My app has just been updated to the new one.

Previously, if I say spent £40 on a present (‘Family’ category) and then someone refunded me £20 and I set this to also be in the same category, my overall spending breakdown would show £20 spend on family. Which makes sense: 40 - 20 = 20.

The new app doesn’t seem to do this - which totally messes up my budgeting as it thinks I’ve spent the whole amount!

Have I just missed something? Is there a setting I now need to set? Is this just no longer available?

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Bumping this as I’ve not had a response.

Works just the same as it used to like you outlined for me! No change whatsoever with the new navigation. This makes sense as the team have not messed with the budgeting summary side at all apart from bringing through the left to spend value.

Okay thanks for confirming it’s working for you. I’m not sure whether that makes it more or less frustrating it’s not working for me, but hopefully it’s a one off and it’ll work like normal going forwards!

I’ve found this is a problem with external Vs Monzo transfers.

All incoming transfers should have the option to exclude/include in summary and assign them to a category.

Yeah, it’s an incoming payment from external accounts Adam. I can easily assign to the category, but the exclude/include (which I definitely have used with the previous design) appears to have disappeared. Or I’m totally missing it!

Can you send a screenshot/diagram/description of where it is for you please?

Sorry, I meant all incoming transfers should have the option, but not all do for me either! It’s frustrating not being able to exclude certain incoming transactions.

Right, I’ve got you. I want to include it though, not exclude! But yes it is frustrating. :pensive:

Do you have a screenshot? Do both transactions (in and out) show when you click on the category in summary? Or is the incoming in the ‘income’ section? I feel like I’ve had that happen to me before.

No, they don’t both show. The transaction out shows but the incoming doesn’t (despite being categorised correctly).

Yes, the incoming shows under ‘income’ within transfers.

I’d screenshot but given the issue itself is that things aren’t showing in the same place together where they should, it would be a few unconnected screenshots!

That’s the issue then I guess, must have been paid other than via the split the bill functionality I guess? Sometimes it gets a bit confused though. Not a new nav thing or anything like that just a thing that happens and always has happened sometimes dependant on circumstances

Might raise a feedback request - raised this with support 4 times and was eventually told to wait for the new app - still a major issue…

Example which should make Monzo fairly embarrassed: if i really want a workaround, I’ll to myself from my Barclays account to get it in the budget…