[Android] Cannot exclude payment from split bill in summary


When I split the bill the payment sent back to me shows in my summary as a credit, even if I exclude the spend from the summary.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Choose a transaction and split the bill, I split a Ryanair tranx of £200 with my partner.
  2. The other person pays the requested money, so I got a £100 credit which was categorised as holiday.
  3. I chose to exclude the £200 flight from my summary as it was an exception / one off.
  4. The £100 credit still shows in my summary, so my holiday category has a credit of £100. I can amend the category but it always stays.

OS: Andriod
Device: Pixel 2
App Version: 2.33.0


Screenshot_20190205-205814 Screenshot_20190205-205824


I’m also having this problem and it’s currently preventing me from using the budgeting tool at all.

Every month I pay DDs for bills - which Monzo automatically excludes from budget summary. That’s fine and expected behaviours, but no option either.

Many of those DDs and scheduled payments are split with my partner. I’ve tried using both shared tabs and individual bills splits. In both cases when I receive her half it’s an immovable credit to my budget summary despite being for a bill that is excluded from my summary.

The fix in my case would be allow me to exclude incoming payments from my summary. Currently I can only exclude some. I’m not sure what the criteria for the difference is.

Edit: Just realised this post is a year old but the issue still exists! Uh oh… I’m guessing not likely to be fixed soon then.

Stranger still, I’ve received a payment from a friend from a different bank and Monzo is treating this as a “Transfer” in the budget summary, with no option to change this either.

So payments from Monzo accounts credit my budget, spending, but payments from other banks are handled completely differently.

Is there some logic to this that I’m missing?