Ending the Monzo Prepaid Beta

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

The Monzo prepaid Beta will come to an end in two months’ time, on Wednesday 4th April 2018.

On 4th April 2018, if you haven’t upgraded your account, you’ll no longer be able to use your prepaid card or your Monzo app to make or receive payments.

Find full details and answers to common questions on the blog.

Thanks again to all of you who have helped us to test and improve the product, and make Monzo what it is today! :heart:

If you’re yet to upgrade, now’s the time to do it! :rocket:

(Dan) #2

Great post. I love the Common Questions section, it’s very clear and informative.

(Herp Derp) #3

Excellent, can’t wait!!

Can we make it 4th Feb instead?


Just make it tomorrow :wink:

(Beatrice Borbon) #5

Thanks Dan! We hope it comes in useful :sun_with_face:

(alyn) #6

Help I have a new monzo card, is the money on my beta card also visible on this one?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #7

when you upgrade to the new monzo card ( current account card ? ) all the transactions / catergories and balance should be transferred from your (pre paid ? ) beta card onto your current account card - your prepaid beta card will then not work any longer

(Jack) #8

@bea I think you need to focus on telling people the current account by default has no overdraft and it’s optional. I think that appears to be what’s freaking people out. Also they need to be informed they can have more than one current account within the UK. This is where I see most of the issues coming up.


If I upgrade to current account, will I be able to continue to use my prepaid card? I’m currently travelling, changing addresses every three days so sending a new card abrad won’t work for me.


not from 4th April

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

Hi Luke - as soon as you activate your CA card the prepaid will stop working , the prepaid will stop working in about two months whatever you do or don’t do

  • most of the answers are in the original post above

“On 4th April 2018, if you haven’t upgraded your account you will no longer be able to use your prepaid Mastercard® or your Monzo app to make or receive payments.”

(Dawn Trespass) #12

I understand all that Jack. I don’t want a credit check this month and it’s not clear where this is all heading. I ditched my NFC phone and am fully committed to a card contactless. How long after I’ve got the current account will monzo start charging for debit card transfers as that is the point I will move to a competitor or if there isn’t a free debit card transfer I’ll get an NFC phone and fully go android pay on my phone with my main account. I’m not convinced that challenger banks have the robustness of nationwide. I like nationwide all I want is monzos app features with my current bank.

(Christine Snowball) #13

I too love nationwide, but have this Monzo current account also. I transfer moneyby bank transfer to Monzo to have enough for everyday spend but love the card. I like the instant notifications of debits and credits, freeze cabability if fraud expected and the knowledge that only the few hundred on Monzo is ever at risk, my nationwide never has to be subjected to possible fraudulent situations in restaurants and possible dodgy internet providers. Love Monzo but like Nationwide too!

(Jack) #15

You could say that about any bank or service, anything is subject to change. Your current bank could send you a letter tomorrow telling you your account now has a £10 a month fee.

Things like this you have to base on their current situation.

(Dawn Trespass) #16

I have been free banking for 35 years and not once have I been charged. I have a feeling that the effort to get a current account and it will be an effort because contact with monzo they are quite coy about how they will verify a person without a passport or driving license. I am going to get revolut if they start getting funny with me I’m not waiting till 4th April. I like the app but if its too much effort I will go android pay and change to an NFC phone

(Robert Young) #17

I just signed up for the CA, but, as much as I Have enjoyed Monzo, if I cannot get a card free of Contactless technology, I will be going elsewhere. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but technology that I will not use and one which increases the amount of time and scrutiny needed with my CA is unwelcome. Above all, it is a matter of choice. True customer service allows the consumer to make the choice.

Will there be contactless-free technology CA cards available?

(Gareth) #18

Given the instant notifications, I’m not sure how scrutiny time increases; but there’s two threads discussing this:

Ability to Remove Contactless?
Physical method of disabling contactless

Or there are RFID wallets or sleeves that offer protection until you take the card out to use it, and the sleeves do snuggly fit a standard wallet.

(LS Pratt) #19

Few questions…

I’m willing to upgrade I just want to know how long my new card will take to arrive? Hoping to travel within the next month with my current prepaid card, I don’t want to be left without a card to use.

Also, will the new Monzo card still allow me to withdraw money for free when abroad? Or pay with no charges on the card when abroad?




You can always punch out a hole in a specific location of the card to break the link in the contactless antenna. :+1:


No. There is a 3% charge (subject to a small free allowance)