The Monzo Prepaid Beta Has Ended

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

The Monzo Beta is now closed. More than 362,000 of you have upgraded your accounts!

More on how the upgrade went, and what this means if you haven’t upgraded your account on the blog:

Whether or not you’ve chosen to upgrade, thanks to everyone for your support so far. We can’t wait for what’s next! :rocket:

Community Roundup - 6/4/18
(Kevyn) #2

Woo! Things can only get better!

(Colin Robinson) #3

What a wonderful journey I’ve been on - the future is here now!


well this is a bolt from the blue…

( :smiley: )

(Dafydd Thomas) #5

Awesome! Onwards to working on the current account full time!

(Sacha) #6

Just a quick question.

Can we assume all our “contacts on Monzo” (shown on the Payments tab) have migrated to current accounts if they are still appearing there today?

(Anthony) #7

Yes :slight_smile: Because they’re stored in your phone, not in Monzo servers. The app just checks if the numbers in your contact list are registered users