Prepaid to current account switch over whilst abroad!

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Hi Guys. In November I will be travelling for 5 months, and found Monzo to be the best option prepaid card to take with me.
If the card is switching over to a current account whilst I’m away, will I no longer be able to use it as intially intended? Also if I switch to a current account, will I be stuck with a useless card, as I won’t be able to receive a new debit card?


The prepaid card is being shut down at the end of the year so it would not work for the period you require.

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Great, best I look for an alternative then. :roll_eyes:

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I hear Boon have a prepaid card

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What date will the prepaid card be shut down??


the actual date has not been announced…only a rough idea of when

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What will happen to money left on the prepaid card if we do not upgrade to a current account?

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Why don’t you speak to :monzo: Monzo about your options? You might be able to upgrade whilst away and have a family member send out your card to you. You could freeze it whilst it’s sent so it’s useless to anyone if they intercept it.

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Hey Stu!

We’re currently planning to close down the pre-paid in early 2018; no specifics yet unfortunately but it would be pretty safe to assume that it will be when we’ve got most of our users over to our current account!

When we do get a fixed date we will give you plenty of warning so you can make other arrangements! Should you be in a position (or location) where we can’t arrange anything to get a card to you; any money left on your card will be refunded to the card that you topped up from! :blush:

Keeping prepaid card for those who want both
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