Enabling transaction noise?

I have a Monzo card…when I buy something it makes a “ker-ching” till noise

Have got my mother one but hers doesn’t make this noise

All settings are the same. Same phone. Same monzo version. Same settings in phone app

Tried reinstalling etc. Monzo tech support couldn’t help

Any ideas?

Any chance her phone is on silent?

Does she get the notification?

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Are you on an iPhone? If you’re not on silent, or do not disturb mode, look into…

Settings > Scroll all the way to Monzo > Notifications > And there’s an option in there for sounds.

Yeah done all that

Fairly tech savvy here

Monzo support basically fobbed us off saying update was needed. Which is rubbish

As @BritishLibrary mentioned it would be beneficial to know what phone and OS she has :+1:

Samsung galaxy s7
Software up to date as of 11/01/2019
Monzo version latest also

I had the same problem mate…go under battery setting and optimisation, and for monzo app select always on…
Then it will make the noise as it’s always open in the background


You’re tech savvy so you’ve probably already tried this. But…have you deleted the app, switched off the phone and reinstalled it?

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Yes. Tried that also


Ok. Will give it a go