EMR Trains - Beware

East Midlands Trains catering say they ‘have a problem with Monzo cards’. They’re openly very vocal about this and quite unhelpful. On the way here earlier the guy stated it would fail and aasnt even going to try and then was very surprised when I asked him to try and it worked. On the way back a different guy was very dismissive when it declined and blamed my bank balance. When I told him there was nothing wrong with the card or account he blamed Monzo. I reminded him a problem with monzo could be an EMR or Monzo error and he just blamed you guys again. Irrelevantly, the passenger opposite then took great pleasure in buying his coffee with a different card, saying ‘it works’ and telling the unhelpful dude he’d been ‘very helpful’. I’m not that bothered to be honest. But I thought you guys should know as I’m delighted with your product (longest I’ve ever been with a bank). I don’t think companies/their staff should be slagging you off publicly and unreasonably.


I’d recommend posting exactly this over to acceptance@monzo.com

They can then address this formally :slight_smile:


Did you get to the bottom of why it didn’t work?

Thanks for the warning! Might give it a try on Friday though.

Issue could be that it’s trying to process the payment offline when there’s no signal along the route,

Offline with monzo on Google pay , has known issues.

On the plus side, at least the card machine was working - that’s not usually the case when I’m on one of their trains!


I just had the same issue. She did try it twice but card not accepted. Because my Monzo card was blue (plus) she didn’t realise straight away but said those pink cards don’t work. I’ll email the acceptance team just want to let people know on here. Come on EMR!

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Monzo supports offline transactions though. Do you mean because the terminal is an online terminal it won’t process anything offline? If the case it would affect all banks though?

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