Empty screen while creating joint account

Issue: the “Who do you want to open a joint account with” screen is empty

Details to reproduce:
I already have a personal account

  1. Tap Open a joint account and go through the onboarding slides.
  2. Get to the screen saying “Who do you want to open a joint account with”
    Expected: options to select from are displayed
    Fact: there is nothing on the screen except the title
    OS: iOS
    Device: iPhone 12 mini
    App Version: 4.47.0


I’m also getting this. I reached out to customer service and they said there’s nothing they can do.

Have you shared your contacts within the app?

This will then show you who else has Monzo to create a JA with them.

Both need to have the above option on.

@Dylanharvy @nahrihra

Yeah, I get to this page and when I click ‘create joint account’ it just refreshes. The person I’m trying to make account with also tried but is getting the same issue.

If you both have face ID on for Auth, try switch this off within the Monzo app and use the pin instead.

I recall being on iOS I had to do this to go to the next steps for the approve/decline stage.