NHS employees using Monzo?


Anyone out there who’s employer is the NHS and if you have had trouble with them paying wages into Monzo :thinking: thanks :pray:

Which Trust? I’m Guy’s & St Thomas’ and had no issue.


That’s good to know, im sure it would Be ok then I’m Other side of the bridge lol! Cardiff and Vale :+1:

Seen quite a few NHS workers on here and not seen anyone else with an issue


Ok great - I shall transfer mine over and update :smiley:

Filled the wages form in yesterday using Monzo, so thanks for worrying me with this thread :joy:


Also in the NHS here. I simply updated my bank payment details on ESR and it was all fine. Didn’t even have to go through payroll :sunglasses:

@Sczoo26 Are you asking because you’ve had an issue, or are just curious?


@anddh was curious before changing over my salary

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Haven’t had an issue just wanted a heads up

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You also get to see the payment coming into your account the day before

I did a name/logo update for my Trust. image


I work for the Ambulance Service and have had no issues, been full Monzo for a year now :slight_smile:

Thanks all good to know all seems to work fine, just updated to my Monzo details on ESR :slight_smile:

I had a brainwave moment.

NHS employees (among the likes of other public service (fire, police, military) people) should be allowed to receive a personalised Monzo card with their employer’s name on it so they can use this as proof of employment to receive discounts in retailers.

End of brainwave moment.


The biggest issue with that is there’s no photo on it so the person holding the card might not be entitled to NHS discounts.

Monzo would also need to send out new cards to people if they are no longer entitled to NHS discount which would be costly for monzo and inconvenient for the customer


Gee way to rain on my parade pessimist

Glad a few others have switched!

I used CASS this month and updated my bank details on ESR so I’m keeping everything crossed that my pay lands with no hiccups at the end of this month!

We all know NHS pay doesn’t work like that :wink: Fingers crossed for you though!!

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No problems for me with my NHS pay. Royal Surrey seems to accept it with no problems :grin:

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No problems with SECAmb, bank updated 4 months ago and all been well.