Fees & Allowances

I keep getting the fees and allowances notification yet both me and my partner get paid salary in to personal and move to the joint where all our DD go out.

Seems to be an oversight that I’m not hitting the metric when I’m 100% Monzo. I am assuming this is due to the salary and DD need to be coming off the same account for the system to see both me and my partner are full Monzo.

Very frustrating.

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No need to assume, contact CS and they’ll help work it out :slight_smile:

They also have the ability to make exceptions in this regard.

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Sometimes it’s better to assume than to use Monzo CS, just saying. I don’t have a lot of faith in Monzo CS, but I wish that would change

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Ahhhh sent the copy and paste spiel on requirements. Then asked if I would like it referred to the complaints team when I said that I hit criteria across accounts and wanted it looked at.

Good ol’ Monzo

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That’s what you wanted right? You are complaining that you meet the requirements yet are still getting the notification.

The complaints team seem like the appropriate team to assess the situation and hopefully resolve it.

I meet the requirements but over my joint through DD and personal through salary in.

My understanding is it has to be on the same account hence me not getting it.

From what I’ve heard the CS isn’t as great as it used to be apparently. I haven’t had to use CS yet for anything, except General queries.

That’s why I bank with Nationwide for everyday spending and I use Monzo for DDs to go out as I’m not great with money and if all my money was at Nationwide Id struggle financially. Plus I’d prefer to just go to a branch to deal with everyday banking. I do like the idea of an digital app based bank however.

Once I hopefully get my new job in the healthcare sector I can make pots for non essential spending (so clothes, electronics etc) and use virtual cards. That’s one thing I absolutely love! :heart:


Happy cake day!

Also, great self control - I love to see it


Oh thank you, forgot I kde the account on this day last year. :sweat_smile:

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