Trying to reopen account

Have tried ringing the help number over 10 times but it always just says it is busy and cannot connect. I have also sent multiple emails which haven’t been responded to. How am I supposed to get in contact with someone? I can’t access the in app chat as currently the account is closed

You’re trying the only avenues available so there’s nothing else I can suggest.


May I ask… did you voluntarily close the account or did Monzo close the account for their own reasons?

If it’s the former, Monzo should reply and I’d just be patient.

If it’s the latter, I suspect Monzo would not allow you to reopen an account if they’ve had their own reasons to close it in the first place.

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I closed it voluntarily but in hindsight I would still like to use the account. How long would it normally take to receive a response?

It’s hard for me to say to be honest because I rarely contact Monzo.

I’d expect a day or two to be in the normal realms of possibility. Are you emailing

Try and log in to the app and access the live chat - this is how I did it when I was in your shoes about 12 months ago.