Reopening my account - accident


I closed my account yesterday because I didn’t really want to open another account but after seeing how good monzo is from friends and the internet, I would like to reopen!
I was just wondering when they usually reply to emails as I plan on closing my old account and moving everything to this account. There is no rush, just a simple enquiry.


Hey Lauren, you need to contact and request that they reopen your old account.


I already did this morning at 10, do you know how long they usually take to get back to you?

If you still have your old Monzo card there is a number you can call on it

(0800 802 1281)

Wait times are a lot longer than expected recently. Personally I’d check for a reply tomorrow if it is via email.

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I don’t think they have ever really talked about wait times in reference to the email before, correct me if I am wrong?

Though I would assume if they are long for in chat support they are long for the email

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I think that is a given but you are right though, they haven’t mentioned email support times. I’ve always assumed it is still support but through a different channel. :man_shrugging:

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If I emailed a bank on a Saturday about a non-urgent matter, I wouldn’t expect to receive a reply until the next working day. So, Monday.