Electoral Roll - Credit Score

Your app needs to be up dated , as its saying that I am not on the electoral role… really??? I have never missed a vote or missed payment of my council, dose this mean that my credit rating has been incorrect for years now?

Had a Monzo account for over 2 and half years hope have not hurt my rating and restrict my chances in the future

Are you referring to the credit tracker as part of Plus? If so, it is Transunion which has the incorrect information.

And it’s not my app, by the way. I take no responsibility for any errors.

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Just a small point, it’s a roll as in bread not a role as in a theatre play. Or alternatively a register.

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They get their data from Transunion. If you sign up to credit karma you can see the info Transunion have about you. It might be a minor difference in your address

As others have said, you’re talking to the wrong institution and need to take it up with Transunion who supply the data.

I’m a bit confused as to why you compare paying the council with electoral registration but it doesn’t matter. The two aren’t related in any way.

Similarly, having a Monzo account is nothing to do with any errors Transunion have against your name so won’t impact your credit score in any way.

Even with errors, a credit score is of limited value since you’re the only person who ever sees it so if it’s not wholly accurate it should have no impact on your real life.


This is from the FAQ for the CRA

My details on the Electoral Register are incorrect, how do I update them?
If the information on your credit report regarding your electoral registration is incorrect, you’ll need to supply us with evidence from your local authority in order to update your credit file.

You can email this to consumer@transunion.co.uk or send it to Consumer Services Team, PO Box 491, Leeds LS3 1WZ.

I was on the electoral roll at my current address but 5 years later, CreditKarma still didn’t see it.

I emailed them, they gave me some rubbish response that didn’t really make sense. It’s fixed itself now though.