Credit rating check

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I recently changed my name and updated my Monzo account to this. The problem is that when I go try to check my credit rating it obviously comes up failed. I try my old name but they want my bank account to verify it which is in my new name. I’m guessing I need to change it on the electoral role and then it should match up. Unlike a loan say, it doesn’t ask for previous names. Any ideas?

I found this which is change of name after marriage but the idea should be the same for other situations. Basically let as many companies know as possible and electoral roll and as they report the association should be made. Also you can contact the credit reference agency so you can access your report


Credit bureaus are legacy rust and can take up to a month to update, so your address change isn’t in their database yet. If you try again in a month or so it should be good!

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