Electoral Registration

Hello All, Just a Quick Question I moved in to my long time Girlfriend Flat a month ago. I received a letter to register to the Electoral Roll which I did however I am only given the option to add my Flat number eg Flat 2, 66 Monzo Road, London instead of 66 Monzo Road, London all my financial and others are linked to exactly this address I received mails as well, Would I have trouble getting to have my electoral register getting linked to my record. Just in case I have tried using the flat number on a few credit accounts I do not have the option to use the Flat number, Thank you

Perhaps try re-registering on your local council website and see if your address is on there?

If it isn’t I’d give them a call and double check with them and what they advise to do.

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Already did that you can only use flat number, emailed them they said I could speak to Street naming and Numbering to look into changing my address, My Address is correct 100 percent as well as flat number however they are not available on my other financial service, I still receive letters without the flat number

So, your address is 66 Monzo Road? Not flat 2?

Is it register correctly on the Royal Mail website as that’s where majority of these instances occur.


If it’s not showing correct there, you’ll need to speak to Royal Mail to get it update and wait for all companies to update their information.

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No Carlo my Address is not Monzo road lol. I can’t put my address here and yes my address across all my financial accounts and mails have have been say 66 Monzo Road, London. However my electoral register does not have just 66 instead it flat 1,2, and so on so I am in flat 2, 66 Monzo road, London this is correct too.
If there is too much confusion, my address is correct however I do not have the option to use flat number on credit accounts but my electoral roll has the flat number included thanks :blush:

I understood the fake address :sweat_smile: I was trying to clarify.

I’d check it’s showing correct on the Royal Mail checker as above and make sure it’s there, and if not, ask them to correct it as I believe most companies will use that as their address system.

Failing that, call the creditors and ask them to either update their address database, or ask them to amend manually so it aligns.


I understand now!

In my current position within a competitor bank we always advise customers to contact Equifax to make sure their address is listed and have it correctly registered - I would definitely see if you can find it elsewhere on the link Carlo provided above for Royal Mail.

If it’s not on there then first step would be to have it registered.

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It is there i.e Flat 2, 66 Monzo Road and 66 Monzo Road however to me they are same place just individual numbering as separate rooms
All my financial just have 66 Monzo Road am only worried my electoral information won’t appear and thank you for your time

Your address is Flat 2, 66 Monzo Road.

The flat 2 is important because that separates you from Flat 1, Flat 3 etc etc. I don’t know how big the block is but if there’s 50 flats, which door do you knock on with a delivery? Or who buzzes them into the building? Is post just left in a communal area for everyone to get to? Your postman may recognise your name and gives it to you, but this isn’t a foolproof system.

I would imagine the anomaly you’re seeing is because the owner who has split the house/building into flats/rooms has registered it but that info hasn’t got to everyone yet that 66 Monzo road isn’t just one persons address.


Exactly you nailed there are about 10 flats and yes the post are left at the communal area personally I have no issue with mails( postman have no direct access to inside) I am worried only about my electoral information matching my credit report moreover my other credit accounts do not have flat 2, or the option to except one upon double checking to flat 2, 66 Monzo am so confused ahh