[SOLVED] Summary Period End Date Ignored on Scheduled Payments Page (Pots)

I have a number of direct debits which come out of a dedicated bills pot. My summary period is set to reset on the 20th (or the working day before). I would expect scheduled payments to show anything outstanding up until this date. However, it is defaulting to the last day of the month. The blurb in the app says “We use your Summary period as the date range.” which leads me to believe this is a defect.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Select “Trends” > Select “This month” > Update “Month resets” to be 20th (for example).
  2. Select “Home” > Select “Pots” > Select [Pot Name] > Scheduled payments should show remaining payments until the 20th. Actual is last day of the month.


iPhone 14 Pro

App Version:
5.73.0 #5730052


If you tap your account from the Home Screen, do you have a pie chart top right (old summary screen), can you adjust that to 20th too?

Summary isn’t linked with Trends hence you have the issue you see.

Summary is being phased out. Move over and try Trends.

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Turns out that was the issue! There’s a period end date for “Summary” which is used for the scenario above and then there’s another one for “Trends”. Thank you for the help!

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Summary will soon disappear thankfully!

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