Change to monthly reset date not pulling through to pots


I updated my ‘month resets on’ date from the 5th to the 1st months ago yet all my pots still tell me I have X left to spend until the 5th. I’ve looked in every location possible, deleted and reinstalled the app but nada.

Seems to be an account issue as same error occurs in my OH’s android device.

Details to reproduce:
App Version: latest version, all updated completed


Are you resetting the cycle-start date in ‘Summary’ or ‘Trends’?

Hi David, I only have ‘trends’ - I think with the latest update that the ‘summary’ disappeared?

Does your OH have access to Summary via the Android device? If so, change the reset date there and see if it works as intended.

I’m pretty sure his app updated too (neither of us are big fans!) but I’ll double check, and get back. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!

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I also have this problem, have changed date in trends and the date for pots is not updated, why was the summary completely removed if the date from pots is still tied to it?