EDF Energy refuse to set up Direct Debit — saying my Monzo account number/sort codes are invalid

I’ve been going round the houses with EDF, trying to set up a Direct Debit with them for 6 months! I’ve been stuck on their WhatsApp-only support, so it’s taken forever to resolve. Finally they got a specialist to call me back to try and help…

The specialist insists that the account number and sort code combination for my Monzo bank account are invalid. Their system is just refusing to accept them. I’ve had no issues setting up DDs with these details for any other bills.

I’ve seen this thread here — Merchants & Banks Who Don't Yet Recognise the Monzo Current Account Sort Code / Debit Card (open Wiki) — but EDF appears to be crossed-out, and there are no other mentions of them. Does that imply it used to be a problem, but was previously resolved?

Until I get a DD set up, I’m paying a higher rate. What can I do about this?

Email acceptance@monzo.com and let them know EDF are refusing to accept the Monzo account details.


My guess is that there are thousands of Monzo customers with Direct Debits with them. Triple check the sort code, though. It’s easy to mis type.

I’ve been doing it over the phone with a support rep, because their online systems haven’t been accepting the details either (for the past 6 months!). We double/triple/quadruple-checked the details, but no luck.

Thanks, I’ve sent them an email. EDF are calling me back tomorrow afternoon, do you think it’s likely I’d have a reply by then, or should I be ready to stall them a bit longer?

You might get a reply but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of it fixing it or it being quick.

Fair enough, and good to know… Fingers crossed nonetheless!

I’d go ahead with the call with EDF and let them know what you’re doing. If you’ve received a reply from Monzo by then then you can let EDF know. If not, you can ask EDF if you can contact them later once you have further info from Monzo.

The other (incredibly long winded) way, would be to open a Starling account, set up the DD there, then CASS that to Monzo.

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Or just open the Starling account and pay the bill from there…


Bill pots though!

Where’s the fun in that?

Think the OP has had enough ‘fun’ trying to get things to work with Monzo :wink:


Other current accounts are available:

  • Metro let’s you open accounts online - or you can pop into a branch and have a card printed for you there and then
  • Dozens is an excellent fintech but not a bank - but you can set up direct debits
  • Revolut is also an option that offers direct debits.

etc etc

But if @JackW2 likes Monzo, let’s not get tribal about it!


I’ve spent months gradually transitioning from Lloyds to Monzo… whilst I appreciate the suggestions for alternatives, there’s no way I’m suffering through that again any time soon :wink:

(Off-topic, but even just opening a Monzo account took me nearly 3 months! My address wasn’t in their postcode lookup, despite being perfectly valid and showing with Royal Mail, so I couldn’t register. They said there was nothing they could do… so I did some digging, figured out who supplied their postcode lookup API, spent an hour on the phone with them, chased up twice, waited 6 weeks, and voila! Was it worth it? Err… I guess so…? :upside_down_face:)


I admire your persistence :+1:


That’s really interesting about the postcode stuff! There’s been a few threads on here over the past 12 months from people who were unable to get an account because their address didn’t show up despite being on Royal Mail address checker.


Do you need to keep/still have your Lloyds account? If not then setup the DD with Lloyds and CASS the account to Monzo. The DD will come over automatically

I’m intending to close my Lloyds account in the next month or two, so may do that, if it’s not resolved otherwise. Thanks!


Yeah, I read through those threads myself at the time and tried everything suggested, but to no avail.

After Monzo Support said there was nothing they could do at their end, I just asked them outright who provided their address lookup. The support rep refused to name them, saying Monzo don’t publicly disclose their suppliers.

I’d be happy to share what I did to work around it, but I’m not quite sure where I stand with disclosing it on Monzo’s own forums — especially as (surprisingly) there are no Google results to suggest this company works with Monzo, either.

For what it’s worth… the supplier’s address data has nothing whatsoever to do with Royal Mail. It’s an entirely proprietary dataset, from a company you’ve definitely heard of…