EDF Energy refuse to set up Direct Debit — saying my Monzo account number/sort codes are invalid

I honestly would have given up at the first refusal. You have serious tenacity.

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I’ve said this many times, but corporate secrecy is such a pointless and usually bad thing. It’s a bank, not Bond :man_facepalming:

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Why use EDF they aren’t the cheapest out there?

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:thinking: :man_shrugging:

Thats what I’m thinking, theres about a thousand other cheaper energy providers.

It’s the equivalent to really wanting TSB as your bank account.

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They might be for the OP :man_shrugging:

Back when I last did a price comparison (a half year ago) EDF came out cheapest for my location and usage pattern.

I use www.flipper.community

They do all the comparisons and switching for you and check you are on the right tariff every month. They do charge an annual fee but only charge it if you make a saving of more than £50 and they don’t gain commission from the companies they move you to.

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They occasionally come up as the cheapest big name. Some people don’t trust giving their energy over to the smaller players, and that’s completely fine.

Anyhow, this is probably a moot point anyway, remember the OP said:

It’s likely they’re contractually bound to them for a period now anyway, so there’s little point discussing other suppliers, moving etc. at this time, they just need their issue fixed.

Normally the savings to be made can outstrip the exit charges with the Big 6.

(Oh boy… here we go…!)

I’m well aware EDF aren’t the cheapest… In fact, I’ve been trying to switch providers for nearly 3 years! The apartment building I live in has some kind of technical fault connecting to the national grid, which means my neighbours and I are collectively “stuck” with EDF, and unable to switch to another provider. Believe me, we’ve tried…

This has been ongoing for almost 3 years — we have an open case with EDF’s most senior resolver team, and Ofgem are aware too. Supposedly they’re sending a team 300 miles across the country to try and fix this in the next few weeks… :see_no_evil:

Once it’s finally sorted, I had my eye on Octopus Energy — but I’m open to any other suggestions!


For me they have always been among the most expensive options (currently a good 15% more expensive than my EDF fixed tariff, actually)

My suggestion would be to do a price comparison. Use your actual usage from the past year, rather than their guestimate. Filter out the cowboy companies, and then take the cheapest remaining.

That’s interesting to know (I hadn’t properly started shopping around yet, I just liked their clean energy approach, and “Monzo-esque” vibes). Thanks for the tips!

EDF are far and away the cheapest for me.

I set up my Direct Debit on the ‘My Account’ area of the EDF website. Took the details no problems, and first payment came out yesterday.


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The OP does seem to be glutton for punishment :laughing:

I am with Octopus via Co-op https://www.cooperativeenergy.coop/

It’s cheap and they also don’t seem to put up their prices regularly like all the others

Just like car insurance, there are too many factors involved to argue who is the cheapest energy supplier. What turns out to be a good rate for one household won’t necessarily be good for another.

Using a price comparison website where you can key in all the required details, then filter on your requirements is the easiest way to find out who is cheapest for you.


I’m with Octopus on Agile, it’s far cheaper than my last provider but not the cheapest. Money wasn’t a factor in my decision to join them.

Would highly recommend them, but at the same time if saving money is the objective then you’ll likely not be choosing them.

Yeah, at this point it’s probably time to switch from :octopus: Agile to :octopus: Go Faster