Utilities companies won't recognise Monzo account number for direct debit

Just tried to change TV licensing and council tax from my main Monzo account to the join I just set up with my husband. On both sites, there’s an error saying that Monzo’s account number isn’t valid in the UK? It’s not a Monzo acceptance thing because they’re both already on Monzo. Am I doing something wrong?

Is your new sort code 04-00-03?

It’s likely the companies you’re looking to set them up with have outdated databases, you’ll have a challenge getting them to update their systems, but if you call them they should be able to do it over the phone.

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This sort code works fine with TV licensing. Mine is set up to take payment from our JA with this sort code.

Mine is the new sort code and had no issues. Are your utility bills sorely in your name or in joint names? I know some companies won’t accept direct debits set up in a joint account if the bill is sorely in one persons name (something to do with if the bill doesn’t get paid who do they chase to claim the money) lol