Easy workaround for online merchants that decline prepaid cards

TL;DR - when online shopping, adding your Mondo card to a PayPal account works perfectly when the merchant doesn’t allow prepaid cards.

Just a little tip I discovered for anyone that ever gets their Mondo card declined while ordering/buying online.

I wanted to start a monthly subscription and wanted to use my Mondo card as the payment. The card was declined on the reason of “we do not allow prepaid cards for monthly subscriptions” (this was at origin.com).

I discovered a workaround for this problem when I added my Mondo card to my PayPal account. Chose to pay through PayPal, then selected my Mondo card in PayPal, transaction went through perfectly and the subscription is now setup to come out through my Mondo account.

Just a little something for anyone to try when you’re trying to purchase something online and the merchant doesn’t allow prepaid cards.


This also works for companies that don’t accept American Express!

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How did you manage to add your card to Paypal? It won’t work for me…

Works for me, just did it online.

Just simply put in the card number and anything else PayPal asks for! (Make sure you’re clicking the add a card option, not add a bank account.) Then if successful you’ll see a PayPal active card check like @anon72173902 has shown below. Super simple :slight_smile:

Yeah… turns out all my “Why do no online companies accept Mondo?” frustrations were due to the fact that I’ve systematically been entering my card number wrong. :expressionless: At least now I know. Thanks for trying to help anyway :grinning:


I get the ‘Active card check’ event, but PayPal then declines the transaction - any ideas?