PayPal payment denied

I have added successfully my Monzo to the PayPal wallet.
I have tried twice to send money/ “add funds” from my Monzo account to PayPal wallet and the transaction was declined.
Suggestions…? Solution…?
Thank you in advance!

Have you confirmed the Monzo account ? To add funds you need the account verified in paypal. In your summary when you log into PayPal it should say money, and then a link that says more, click that, if your bank needs verifying it will say there.

I DID verify/ confirm the Monzo account, yes.

I would give PayPal a ring personally then, they have always been helpful when I’ve spoken to them. Or message support and see if they can see why it was denied.

All right, I shall do that! Thank you, Daedal. Don’t get too close to the sun! :wink:

Wonder as it’s the Monzo USA card if different in a way.

Oops. I may be in the wrong chatroom! I’m in the UK, NOT USA…! Brain tired here… it’s late and it’s been a very long day… :crazy_face:

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