eBay/PayPal transactions

(Ross Hammond) #1

Not sure if it is possible. Transactions from eBay paid with PayPal come through as the username of the seller with no icon.

Would it be possible to have a PayPal or eBay icon on these types of transactions?

(Alex Clark) #2

Or even have eBay/PayPal as the name of the transaction and then have a sub line that has the sellers name.

Not sure about anyone else, but I’m more interested in knowing that I’ve spent ‘x’ amount at eBay/Paypal rather than knowing I’ve paid Paul75 ‘x,’ Sally751 ‘y’ and Jack92 ‘z’

(Tristan Thomas) #3

For sure :slight_smile: PayPal is a difficult one because sometimes you want it as PayPal and sometimes as the sellers’ name (for physical PoS devices or on websites) but in general, we want to make integrations like this much more seamless – perhaps something to work on with the API and then ‘logging in’ to PayPal to bring in more data.

(Alex Clark) #4

True, more and more retailers are offering it as a payment platform. I hadn’t thought of it in that vein, which does complicate things.

Maybe it’s just about finding a way to report on it better - so that within the ‘Merchant’ section there is a better grouping for these purchases.

Who knows … food for thought anyway.

(Ryan ) #5

@awdclark99 @spittingllama @tristan what’s the thoughts seeing payments as only from ‘Paypal’. I wouldn’t want to see Sagepay for payments I’ve made instore or online, but the merchant? Why is this different for paypal?

Paypal is just acquirer why would I want to have a log of that vs. what spent at a merchant?

(Ross Hammond) #6

I would just like the icon to be either PayPal or eBay. If my account is used fraudulently. The information from an eBay/PayPal transaction below means nothing to me…

(Rika Raybould) #7

Inspired by the way Tweetbot shows the verified tick on a user profile (something @getmondo doesn’t have, wtf?), here’s what I came up with as a simple solution that I believe solves most of the issue.

Similar method can be used to mark how P2P payments were conducted (PayPal, Mondo to Mondo, PayM, etc.). I’d whip up some more examples of how it might look on merchants with full, rich information but my phone is… umm… being restored right now.

Sadly wasn’t able to find any documentation in the few minutes I looked about PayPal APIs from a user side, only for merchant side. Kills some good integration ideas if not possible. :slightly_frowning_face:

PayPal feed item, not shown as PayPal
(Ross Hammond) #8

+1 Like the look of this integration!

(Rob Clarke) #9

Another +1 for that. That looks nice!

(Hugo Cornejo) #10

That looks awesome, thanks a lot!

PayPal feed item, not shown as PayPal
(Diego) #11

I really like the idea of PayPal/eBay integration.

A way would be to link a PayPal account with mondo app and then look at transactions matching date, value and maybe other identifiers.

After that you could enrich the Mondo transaction with the additional data. I’d like to think it to be as nice as Google Inbox is, when it shows you what you bought, not just the payment. I’d really love to see what I paid for and not just the payment.

Good one!

(Jolin) #12

@tristan, has there been any further thinking at Monzo HQ on integration with eBay/PayPal? I think that @RichardR’s badge looks very nice, but it doesn’t solve the issue for me, that these all show up as separate transactions. There’s no aggregate data like there is for other merchants. If I shop online elsewhere, I can see total spent, number of transactions, and average spent. But when buying things from eBay, I can’t see this. I realise this can be worked around to an extent by manually tagging each transaction as eBay and then searching for that string, but this is a cumbersome and manual procedure not in keeping with the :monzo: ethos. :grin:

I know that, technically, it is eBay users who are the merchants. But in practical terms, eBay is the ‘shop’ I’m buying from, as it’s unusual that I buy from a specific eBay user more than once. What I’m interested in, to an extent, is how much I’ve spent at eBay. The usernames also look pretty awful in my feed, given that everything else has proper names and icons.

I wonder if a solution would be to allow these transactions to be either displayed as ‘eBay’, with an eBay icon, or as they are now as individual merchants (with @RichardR’s PayPal badge). This could be a button in the transaction detail (e.g. ‘Display as eBay’). For future transactions, Monzo could remember the last setting used, as it does with categories now (i.e. if I recategorise a transaction from a merchant, the next transaction from that merchant uses ‘my’ category, not the default). That way each person can essentially choose the standard behaviour that suits them, but change individual transactions as necessary. This sort of thing could be used with other marketplace sites in the future.

PayPal feed item, not shown as PayPal
(Adam Kendrew) #13

Did we ever get any updates to this? As mentioned above, it would be great to be able to link all the eBay transactions together, as I’m not particular interested in whom I purchased from on eBay, as that will always be available in my account.

To get around this currently; I submit feedback for the usernames and ask them to be updated to ‘eBay’ - not sure if this is the correct way/solution though?

(Adam Kendrew) #14

@simonb @cookywook can you shed any more light on this? Am I correct in submitting feedback for a seller as ‘eBay’ and will there be anyway to group them in the future?


You could do a small logo for Curve as well as PayPal