Card declines online?

I am not entirely sure if this is the right category to post this in however, I have found that some online merchants don’t recognize my card as there is no name on it!

I get a mondo notification saying that there has been a ‘check’ on the account but the transaction always declines (two different shops + ebay who permanently blocks the card)

any other have had these issues?

Hi Luke,

Thank you for your swift reply

I have tried both options which, is why this is baffling me (and yes I do have enough funds on my card, before you ask :slight_smile: )

I would assume that since Ebay/Paypal do an ‘account’ check they would authorize and process it as well


You should enter your name - not the 9 digit number.

However, your name will never actually be checked so it can’t be that which is failing

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as @billinghamj said, the name field is never checked. I always put different things in the name field and never had any issues with using my Mondo card or any other debit card.

As you mentioned that you can see an active card check, it means you have entered the correct card details so one can only assume the merchant is rejecting the card for whatever reason.

paypal works fine for me

Thanks for all the replies guys. I’ve sent message to vendors/PayPal and will try again this afternoon

OK, so have now spoken to both Ebay and Paypal (which, by the way is a mission in itself) Apparently the problem occurs when merchants authorize pre-paid cards (visa/mastercard) as often charges aren’t taken instantly so potentially they can be used to purchase goods even when there are no cover on the card, and there are often no where to ‘track’ or identify who the card belongs to.

In my own personal opinion this could become a potential deal-breaker in terms of Mondo however, assuming it is only an issue until they get their banking license (if they get it)

In pay pals’ defense they processed the payment for me as soon as I called them… still annoying though!

I’ve used my card several times with PayPal without any issues including 30 minutes ago.

As PayPal is the payment processor in this case it would be for them to claim the authorisation and not make another authorisation on your card which could fail depending on your balance however, this is technically true for debit cards that a 2nd authorisation could fail.