Easy access to support conversations in app

(Trystan Mann) #1

Hi there,
Using iOS and found it’s a pain to find specifically how to open the support conversations inbox if you clear a push notification it’s not clear in app and think this needs adding as a separate header in the help section.

(Adam Hockley) #2

i think its easy as it and new version is nice

(Trystan Mann) #3

I don’t agree when in app and you have an unread conversation you can’t even see a notification when app is open


I’ve asked for this before but someone here said the Intercom SDK does not allow for this.

Anyone at Monzo can confirm?

(James Billingham) #5

No you can show the inbox, but you can’t retrieve data about specific conversations.

You can see the Intercom SDK methods here:

(Nick Munton ) #6

I agree with Trystan. I needed to contact Monzo today when a transaction was declined, but which nevertheless showed up in my account. It took me an age to discover how to send a message, and even longer to discover how to read the reply.