Ease of leaving session (Log out)

On my device the last item displayed on Settings is ‘Close account’, it’s only by scrolling up that ‘Log out’ appears!

As Log out is not directly visible it would be easy to accidentally tap on ‘Close account’ in error.

Why does it take so many clicks to even get to the page to leave the session?

With the hassle of logging back in, why do you want to log out?

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Hi Robert & welcome :wave:

It’s probably a device resolution/display zoom setting that causes you to see ‘Close account’ and not both ‘Close account’ and ‘Log out’ together. Here’s a screenshot from my device which shows both;

But I agree - ‘Log out’ should come before ‘Close account’ for this very reason. Too easy when eye-scrolling from top-to-bottom to tap on the one option you don’t want to do.

Probably a design choice by Monzo to encourage you to stay logged in.
This enables the instant notifications and a lot of the features of Monzo, and you can enable security to protect your app if worried.

In all the time I’ve had a Monzo account I’ve never once logged out deliberately. :man_shrugging:


Even if you did it doesn’t immediately close your account.

There are a few confirmation screens that you need to go through. Therefore it’s very unlikely you will close your account accidentally!

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Unlike banking apps you may be used to, the Monzo app isn’t intended to be logged out of.

I’ve been with Monzo for several years now, and I think I’ve only ever intentionally logged out once.

When you’ve finished a ‘session’ on the app, simply go back to the homescreen (or switch apps). Next time you need to use the Monzo app, simply open it again.

If you’re concerned about privacy, there’s a setting where you can turn on a lock screen.