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I recently left my phone open on the app and noticed I didn’t get logged out? I noticed a feature with other banks which logs me out after so long if I don’t use it or asks if I’m still there. As safety conscious and someone who is a bit loose with leaving their phone open, I’ve always appreciated this feature and thought it was like some regulation thing to do it.

Question… does Monzo have such a feature? Or a setting to control it?

Thanks in advance!

Change how long your screen stays lit before locking, think the lowest is 30 seconds - the second the screen locks the app will “close” and you’ll have to reauthenticate to open it again.

Edit: That’s assuming you have the privacy enabled which requires your to Face/Touch ID to open Monzo, as I think its turned off by default

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Just set the phone itself to lock.

That is far more secure as every app is then protected.


Just tried it on my Lloyds and Barclaycard accounts because I had a suspicion you may have been confusing the website versions.

The websites tend to log you out after so long as its more likely a PC is shared, the apps don’t usually tend to as their more personal and just ‘lock’ with the phone.

That’s a bit of an oxymoron.

Nobody can move any money out of your account without your pin/biometrics anyway, but the suggestions above from others are good.


In these days your phone is the key to your life… you never leave it open. No point in having your bank log you out if they can just do a password reset using your email/SMS.


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