Security concern

I have noticed with the app, that after having done my bit within it and I close the app, it doesn’t automatically log me out. I feel this feature could be introduced, my reason for mentioning is due to having come from an internet banking app that does this, so when you are so used to it, it’s not the first thing on my mind to manually click ‘log out’

Go into your settings and enable face or fingerprint verification.

Then you don’t need to log out :slight_smile:

The reasoning behind this is that your phone should be protected by a password etc anyway.

It’s similar to email apps: they don’t have passwords to access even though you could reset passwords for websites.

Also, your PIN will be required before making big account changes, like closing your account, changing your PIN etc.

Please no!

Just protect the app instead.

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Imagine having to get a Magic Link email every time you wanted to log in to the app.

Would definitely lead me to leave Monzo as would be too much faff.

My phone is protected by PIN/biometrics, and the Monzo app is separately protected by biometrics.

Those measures, in addition to PIN to make any payments, is enough for me.


If someone got hold of my phone and started getting into apps my bank account would be the least of my worries. My email contains far more sensitive information for example.

Bear in mind that you cannot use the app to transfer or move money without the PIN number, so there’s no risk to your money by it being open, just to your privacy. For this reason most people just leave it open - actually this is a good thing about Monzo in my mind because it’s so much easier to use the app.

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