"Close Account" button very close to "Log Out" button

(Jolin) #1

I just logged out and back in to my account to resolve a caching issue preventing me from seeing some updated metadata. I’ve not done this for many months, and when I last did I’m not sure the “Close Account” button existed. What struck me, is how close the “Close Account” button is to the “Log Out” button. It’s right up against it, and I nearly tapped it by accident. I realise that there would be a confirmation before the account was actually closed, but my heart skipped briefly anyway! The scale of the close account action seems an order of magnitude (at least) bigger than the log out action, shouldn’t there be more of a separation between these two?

I very much appreciate that Monzo isn’t trying to hide it, or lock us in, but I think a bit more spacing would be comfortable.


hopefully! If not…there should be!


There is a confirm bubble, when you confirm you go through to chat so no dramas there.