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I expected the Monzo App to log me out once it gets out of focus (when I switch to other apps etc.)
It is convenient to rely on the mobile’s security, but it doesn’t take into account scenarios when the mobile is lost or stolen while still logged in (perhaps a on/off log out settings with a timeout feature will alleviate this issue).
Using fingerprint security (when available on the mobile) would be appreciated.


I assume you’re on android? As touchID to login is already a thing on iOS?

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Yep, Android, but most other banks’ apps require log in (touch or keypad) once the app gone out of focus - perhaps a short timeout before automatically logging out would enhance user experience.


Yes Barclays does something similar to that. Personally I find it really annoying, especially if I need to switch to a text to check someones details and then move back to the app to pay them. I don’t want to log in every single time (just my opinion).

Finger print login for Android is coming sometime this year according to the 2018 timeline blog

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Oh, ok. Yes, it is annoying, but better safe than sorry (and you cover monzo’s backside in the process…)


It’s listed as something they are going to implement later this year in:


Yes, it is annoying, but better safe than sorry (and you cover monzo’s backside in the process…)

True, however im personally more than happy to rely on touchID/password on my phone rather than being forced to login every single time. Isn’t such an issue for me on iOS as the app is locked behind touchID the first time you enter it

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You can install a separate app that will let you lock any app with fingerprint security for the time being. Or if you are a OnePlus user, OxygenOS (their brand of Android) supports it already.

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Plus you need the PIN to actually do anything in the Monzo app…

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Yes, been using touch id on my nexus 5x for quite a few apps - works fine (unless my fingers are frozen…)

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I actually wouldn’t want this- I have an app I use to keep track of my transactions in various banks/ wallets on my phone so I often have to toggle between the app and Monzo to check my transactions. Having to sign in repeatedly just from switching apps would be immensely annoying! But I guess the touch ID option can be made available to people who want it

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Well, it should be an option in the settings and also, as I suggested, an additional option to enable timeout after a certain time period of the app’s inactivity.

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Absolutely agree. We need the ability to set a variety of auto-lock timeouts and conditions. I only keep a modest on Monzo, in case my phone is stolen. But if the app is open, a hostile user can top up, and spend. And yes - we have a four digit PIN already, but that’s not high security for an observant thief. One who watches for the PIN first, then steals the phone. So yes - looking forward to much more secure and flexible security soon. Thanks


One who watches for the PIN first, then steals the phone

Not much difference between watching the PIN and stealing the card then… are you also advocating adding 10x different locks on the card itself as well? :wink:


I use this app:

I’ve tried a lot of different fingerprint security apps in the past, but this is by far the best one. In apps that have their own fingerprint security, if possible I turn them off and just use this instead. It’s that good.


Wouldn’t it just be easier to steal your Monzo card? You wouldn’t need your pesky finger to unlock the card like you would the phone.

When inputting your pin on your phone, you should treat it like you would entering your pin at an ATM.

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Monzo doesn’t have passwords, uses an email ‘magic’ link to log you in, what is the point of login people out? Is your email app also logged out every time you exit it?

plus this…

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The app itself is cool but I echo the sentiments of others, the overall ‘security’ of the app is lacking, I’m an iOS users and the app doesn’t auto lock after I come out of the app without force closing its held in memory for all to see and my kids to access things I’d rather they didn’t.

Lock the app and require Touch ID to get back in when app focus is moved to another app

When using the app switcher ghost the contents of the app with a splash screen/frosted glass effect

That would make the app feel better and not expose my finances to my family…

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Mine works fine. It’s a known bug which I’d have thought would have been fixed in the latest release. That it hasn’t been is disappointing. :unamused:

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Ah cool at least is being addressed