Early payment

My student loan is due in Wednesday the latest and it was sent this Friday what is the earliest it will be available to me



If it was sent by BACS today it will show in your feed at around 0900 on Monday and you can get it at 1600 that day.


My wife handed in her notice to work and received her final pay cheque last month. She was playing around with our JA on the app and saw the early payment feature and asked for early pay not thinking it would process!

…It processed and we now have money in the account which I do not think will be honoured by her ex employer.

Can anyone help @simonb etc!?

They must have issued a BACS for it to be visible in your feed. This might have been a payroll error so she’d need to contact her former employer

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I’d suggest making a new pot to put the money in so it’s ready to pay back to them. I had to write a cheque to a former employer once as they overpaid me on the final paycheck! Thankfully I noticed straight away.


@Rat_au_van and @kpwxx…many thanks for the information! :pray::+1: