Early payday times

Hey guys, I’m due to be paid on the 2nd of January via BACS (and It is definitely BACS). Will it clear on the 1st?

Should be the 31st at 4pm (1st is a bank holiday)

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You should see the payment in your app after 9am on the 31st, and at 4pm you’ll need to tap on it to get it Paid Early :money_with_wings:

My wage will show up tomorrow in my bank as grey because of new years usual payday is Friday but because over new years alot of banks aren’t open when will I get my payment early

If paid by bacs on either the Thursday or Fri when will we get paid early seeing as Wednesday is Bank Holiday and so is Thursday in Scotland

Hi there Perrie - Get Paid Early is available the working day prior to when that money would normally arrive. So, if the previous day is a bank holiday, it’d be the working day before that one :slight_smile:

Does that mean that people in Scotland who are paid on Friday will get their money on Tuesday, while those in the rest of the U.K. will get their money on Thursday?

I’m guessing the answer is ‘no.’

Not unless their employer puts it in earlier

Just clarified that - it runs to England/Wales BHs so the 2nd would be seen as a normal working day to Monzo.

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This should help everyone: https://www.bacs.co.uk/documentlibrary/bacs_processing_calendar_2020.pdf


Sadly, my pay didn’t show up, only a national lottery DD :joy:.

It may still appear (as a greyed-out entry in the transaction feed) this morning. Some BACS payments show up quite late, but usually in the morning.

Unless it isn’t a BACS payment after all - a few people have been convinced payments were via BACS but in fact were made via the Faster Payments method.

Hoping it’ll appear this morning :crossed_fingers: - if it does, you’ll be able to claim it from 4pm onwards :smile:

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Hi, I am due to be paid on Tuesday. seeing as monday is a bank holiday, will i get access to my money at 4pm on Friday this week?! There is a right answer to this lol haha

Yes you will.

Yep, you’ll be able to get your salary paid at 4pm on the Friday afternoon if your employer sends your wages via Bacs :blush:

OK, Just realised im actually paid on the wednesday 27th not Tuesday the 26th so i take it that will now mean it wont go in on friday regardless of the bank holiday…?! Or will the still need to pay it in early because of the bank holiday??? it is BACS yes.

You’ll get it on Tuesday at 4pm

Hi sorry just to confirm as my pay day is Tuesday 26th of may and bank holiday Monday is the day before so I will get paid on 22nd instead of may this Friday ? Please let me know will be so grateful my birthday 22 Nd to so would be awesome that’s a real get paid early feature thanks in advance

If your employer pays you via bacs then you will get it on Friday


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