E.ON Direct Debit

(Tom Snape) #1

Anyone else having issues setting up a direct debit with EON?
“Combination of bank account/sort code specified has not been found”

(Andy) #2

Hi @TomoJSnapey the below is from the wiki around acceaptance of sort code:


Try to call them

(Tom Snape) #4

Ahh fantastic!
Thank you

(Peter Roberts) #5

I managed to do it through their im chat

(Graham - Mental health professional) #6

What nice people :grinning:


so after 7 months, the bug is still there?

Glad i’m not an e-on customer!

(Peter Roberts) #8

I recommend anyone who is move to bulb instead :+1:

(Andy) #9

Considering it when my smart meter is upgraded although I’m also keen to try the car to grid trial which OVO and Nissan are running

(MikeF) #10

Off topic I know but this idea worries me with regard to what all those additional charge cycles will do for the life of the batteries. Will they need to be changed earlier as a result?

(Andy) #11

That’s part of the test. They don’t believe so but that’s why nissan are involved in the trial to protect ensure the battery is protected as part of its warranty and monitor wear on the battery

(Andre Borie) #12

Get in touch with BACS. Can’t believe the idiots at Eon still didn’t fix this after almost a year.


I had issues as well changing my DD, so I left them for a different company who are more competent.


Hopefully Monzo are in contact with them and chasing Bacs/Mastercard. This is really ridiculous how some companies refuse to update their systems


You would think companies would be more on the ball, especially where their revenue stream is concerned?

(Andre Borie) #16

From a business perspective, it’s more profitable to not do anything until the losses of not supporting Monzo are more expensive than the amount of rust remover they’d need to get their legacy systems up to scratch.

The losses of not supporting Monzo are difficult to quantify for them, especially when monkeys are in control and don’t even know what Monzo is (to them it’s a prepaid card at best, a scam at worst, and most/all will agree it’s not a “real” bank).


I did that a few weeks ago. Very happy with them.

Referrer code available - 50 quid each!

(Tom Snape) #18

Only thing stopping me from switching to Bulb is the lack of smart meter as I like to track my daily usage.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #19

:soon: apparently.

(Oli Watts) #20

I just tried to do this. Was told it they couldn’t do it because MasterCard (?).