ID verification - poor photos

Hi all,

I’m a new user, and new customer, so hello!

I’m attempting to create a new account for my wife so we can have a joint account.

Unfortunately, the camera on my wife’s phone is awful and we’re having real problems trying to take a good photo in focus of her driving licence and the app keeps rejecting them.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Can she register using your phone instead?

We tried that, but the app keeps reverting back to my account. I haven’t tried clearing the cache etc, but that could be worth a shot.

It has been a long time since I signed up but do you have to take a photo of your licence or can you upload one?

If so, you can take the photo on your phone and send it her to upload.

However, isn’t the next step to record a video which they then match against your ID? Surely you’ll just get stuck at this point too due to the poor quality camera.

Have you tried clicking log out? Failing that, delete the app and download it again.

Thanks all, I’ve just tried clearing cache, uninstalling the app, reinstalling and going from scratch but this time with my own phone, rather than hers, It seems to be the way to go.

I’ll probably have to clear the cache again when I want to log back in but it seems like a good workaround.


How bright is your lighting? Does it help the camera any if you turn all the lights on and make the location where the photos are being taken as bright as possible?

I don’t think you can upload one, maybe I’m wrong but when I signed up in 2019 it had to be physically in front of you

Interestingly I signed up to the main NHS app the other day (not the one specific to the pandemic) and they used similar validation through taking a photo of driving licence and then recording a short video

It’s catching on!

(There was an option of holding up the numbers on a piece of paper, before anyone asks, as that comes up here during discussions)

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I got around it by simply using another phone and uninstalling and reinstalling the app so it thought I was someone new.

My wife’s ID got approved this time!

I’m happy to join the community of fellow Monzoites x


Smashing. Great to hear and thanks for coming back to let us know. Happy to have you too!