Duplicate Flex Digital Card Number

I have Flex on my Monzo account and added the virtual card number to Samsung Wallet.

Then this week obtained a new physical Flex card and added that to Samsung Wallet.

Now in Samsung Wallet there are two Flex cards shown - both have last 4 digits the same (same card) but each has a different Digital Card Number shown below it (last 4 digits).

Should I remove one? Will both work?

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The virtual card updates when you get a physical card so it has the same number. So now you essentially have the same card added twice and can remove one.


So, I could just delete the ‘old’ one?

I’m wondering the same. I added the virtual card straight away to Apple Wallet. I now have my physical card. I’m tempted to remove my virtual card and add the physical card because my virtual card automatically declined the active card check in the Tesco app. After a couple of attempts, I tried the physical card number and that allowed me to approve it.

Is there a difference from a merchant’s point of view between the virtual and physical cards? I’ve successfully used the physical card elsewhere.

Either should be fine as it appears that it updated automatically. For peace of mind you can just delete the old one.

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Ah, that explains my comment. I used the virtual card number I originally received and so was declined.


Is it possible to view the Digital Card Numbers aside from the last 4 digits?

In Samsung Wallet, or in Monzo?

Don’t know about Samsung but on iOS you can only see the last 4 digits.

I suspect that may be the case everywhere because the card number is associated with the device and you shouldn’t/wouldn’t be able to use it elsewhere.

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Thanks. Yes It’s just for NFC contactless.