Issue with store purchase refunds


I have purchased clothing that I would like to return in store.

I paid using Apple Pay with my actual MONZO card (not a virtual card) and I am unable to return as the cashier is saying the card details don’t match.

Interestingly Iv checked the receipts from that day and all transactions have different last four digits of the card number (none of which match my actual card or any virtual cards)

What’s going on?

If you head to Wallet, tap on the card and then top right dots, it’ll show your “Device Account Number”. This is the “card number” given to merchants when using Apple Pay.

When you add a card to Apple Pay, effectively what happens is that a new “Apple Pay card” is created and from the merchant’s POV you’re paying with this “card” instead of of your original card.


Thank you for the quick response! This explains it. Thanks again.

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