Last 4 digit on paper receipt different when using Apple/Google Pay

Just curious, but I have noticed that on my paper receipt the last 4 digit are different form the ones on the card. I was expecting it to be the same
Is it an error or is this normal?


Did you use Google / Apple pay?

Google Pay

Google and Apple pay use a different card number for security - you can see this if you open the Google Pay app, go to Payment, tap on the card number then scroll to Virtual card number :slight_smile:


Thanks. I like the security idea


Furthermore, this “Device Account Number” can only be used with that device so cannot be used to create a cloned card or an online transaction. Much more secure than an actual card.


Anyone know how to get the full card number Google pay or Apple pay is using?

When with Halifax it would show in my account but not with Monzo.

I need it to add to my tfl account online if I want to check on journeys

I think TfL have a way of linking it if u add your physical card number to the account


Indeed! It should pick it up from your Monzo card :eyes:

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Really? It doesn’t seem to. Has anyone seen this happen?

I don’t get how it would either…if you use Google pay to touch in and your physical card to touch out it doesnt link those together and counts them as part journeys and charges max fare.

Previously I’ve always had to add the virtual card separately too…

TfL creates two cards for me when I first use Apple Pay too.

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I have contacted both Monzo and Google about this now. Both have pointed at the other 1 as to who is responsible.

They both have my full virtual card details but neither seem able to give them to me…

I’ve “found” a way of getting the full virtual card number - but you’ll need 2 mobile phones - phone A with the Android/Google Pay or Apple Pay application setup and phone B - which (IIRC) has to be an Android phone (as Apple “locks down” NFC communications) with an app such as ‘Credit Card Reader Pro’.

  1. Ensure the NFC card reader application (such as CCRP) is installed on phone B
  2. Open the Google Pay or similar app on Phone A.
  3. Open the NFC reader on phone B
  4. Put the phones back to back and wait a second or two
  5. Confirm any details requested by the app (for security, CCRP asks for the last four digits of the card number: in Google Pay, just to go ‘Payments’, select the current selected card and scroll down to where it says 'Virtual account number).
  6. The NFC reader app should then show the card number on track 1 and track 2.

It’s interesting that for my Monzo card , the BIN (the first 6 digits of the card number) is 5355 62 which corresponds to a Mastercard Debit (like Monzo’s 5355 22 BIN) and my MBNA Visa has a virtual BIN of 4821 72 - as opposed to the on card 4501 98 - but that BIN range (according to online lookups) corresponds to an MBNA Visa…

I do wonder where/how the virtual card numbers are ‘created’ - I always assumed Google/Apple had their own BIN ranges (a BIN - aka an IIN - says which bank ‘issued’ the card), but it looks like it’s the card issuer making each virtual card number… Hmm…

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You register on TfL with your normal card number. TfL link it with your ‘virtual’ card number behind the scenes. I questioned how this worked a few weeks ago in this thread: Express Transit Cards in iOS 12.3

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Yeh I think this must be newer as it defo didn’t used to do this! But that’s much easier!

As far as I know it’s a third party tokenisation company that creates the virtual card numbers not the issuer or Google/Apple