Download bank statement - location on android

I need to get the bank stement from my phone to PC. when i downloade the bank statement, it shows me it. but i have no idea where the file is stored and cant find it. You should put a share option on the bottom so it can be sent by email. Anyone know where the downloaded pdf is stored ?

If you search Files on your device then tap downloads, it may be there.

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I tried that using a file manager. It shouldn’t be this hard to get a statement off a phone.

It’s not that hard, it’s literally in your downloads folder.

Also bear in mind, I get these options when downloading

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When you view the PDF you can save it to your dropbox or whatever from there too.

I dont get those options, which is what I was looking for. I get the open to open as pdf and then it opens. thats it.

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You need to select what you want the file as, after that it asks you where to put it. If your phone’s not doing this, that suggests it’s an issue at your end

It doesnt. It just opnes the PDF.

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You’ll need to look at your phone settings then, try to track down why it’s not offering those options. Maybe uninstall Monzo and install again, just to rule that out.

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When the PDF opens there’ll be a share option there :slightly_smiling_face: select your email program

There isnt.

This happens when youve already been give the option in the past, and you selected Always to use the same method, which just opens it.

When the document is open, top right, tap the menu button and there should be a save/open/share button to allow you to send where you need it or save where you need it.

You can also reset the default monzo settings by removing and installing again. This is user issue though not the app having issues.


I’d forgotten about that :rofl: it’s why I never choose the always option, one day I might want to select a different option but then forget how to reset it

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Ah! i hit the top right (for some reason thre isnt the 3 small lines) and the options pop up. thanks for that,.


No probs.