Bug in the App

I have to submit some bank account statements to obtain finance, so I went to the App found out how to transfer my account details into bank statements in PDF format attached to an email, first time was perfect.

When I tried to do it again, using PDF format I clicked on it took me straight to my email did not offer me the option to choose which system I wanted to send it via, IE Whats App or Twitter or email, when I got to the email, there was no attached file from Monzo like the first time, I did try this twice and got the same result.

So I think there is a bug in the App, what do you think?

Go to your settings on your device. Search for ‘default’ Select ‘Default Apps’. Select ‘Set As Default’ then go to email and then select ‘Clear Defaults’ it then should ask again.


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Sorry if you’re not on Android. I would guess it’s a similar process on iOS but I do not have any iOS devices to find out for you.

No idea if this is an Android bug/feature but I have a few apps that ask once and never again. But some ask every time. I do not know if it’s something a developer can fix or not as I have no expertise in development.

It’s a Samsung S7 I tried what you suggested but no change still taking me direct to my email with no attached file, just so glad I was able do it right the first time with no problems, at least I have bank statements to submit. Thanks for your help

I’m sorry that didn’t work for you. Can you try clearing the Monzo defaults and see if that works?

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