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Hi, I’ve probably missed something obvious, but I can’t seem to find how to download qif. I’ve followed the instructions at but I don’t see the option to select file type. Instructions state:

  1. Export the month you need

You can export your statement as a PDF, CSV or QIF file.

but how?


Bottom of the summary page tap on your left to spend on the pie in the top right), Export &bank statements and you get this option

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Are you on the new nav? Open summary (the pie chart in the top right) of your main screen, scroll all the way down and press “Export and Bank Statements”. I believe you can navigate to the summary for the given month to export that months data.

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thanks - that’s great - not sure why the Monzo help page didn’t lead there.

Unfortunately they haven’t updated them yet since the new navigation has only just been introduced

I’ve flagged it to staff but I imagine they have a long list to update

Edit: It does seem to be updated in the in app help


On Android, current (‘new’) nav it is one drag-down and 4 taps from ‘Home’ - scroll the transactions down to reveal the whole card, then tap on the blue pill at the top centre. Then tap on ‘Statement history’, select which period you want to export and choose the export type - PDF, CSV or QIF

I’m having problems too. I want to download some older statements in qif. It seems you can do them all or the latest month only. I downloaded all and sent it by email to my pc. Only a few entries arrived. I keep hoping that with each upgrade it will be fixed. Most other banks and credit cards that I deal with seem to manage this easily.

Are you using iOS or Android?

On Android (version 3.10.0) you can select older statements, by month, by following the instructions 2 posts up.

I’m ios. iphone I followed the instructions and when I looked at the download in qif, it only had a few entries not the whole lot. What I would really like would be to be able to download the month I need in qif form, send it to my email and from there to my downloads and onto my finance program which is on my pc.

What entries are missing that you believe should be there?

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