Downgrading to Monzo Plus from Premium

Does anyone know if it’s actually possible to downgrade from Monzo Premium to Plus?

I know I can cancel Premium, especially now I’m beyond the contractual period, but rather than cancel and lose things like custom categories, virtual cards etc. just to upgrade again, I’m surprised the option isn’t physically there to just downgrade the account to Plus (might also save some customers from downgrading altogether thinking of it from a commercial aspect maybe too :man_shrugging:)


Think you need to contact Monzo via in app chat

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I’ve asked the question before in chat and they told me that you have to cancel Premium (hence cancelling all your Virtual Cards also), and then sign up to Plus.

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I might be looking to do this.

Anyone know what happens to your custom categories and connected accounts? Do they come back when you resubscribe to Plus?

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When I cancelled Premium my stuff stayed. I resigned up to Premium a few months later and all my stuff was there except virtual cards


I downgraded from Premium to Plus. I definitely lost my virtual cards, 99% sure I lost connected accounts and had to re-add.

Never used custom categories, so can’t help there, I’m afraid.

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It’s a shame you can go from Plus to Premium without losing anything, but not the other way round.

I make use of the main tools Plus offers, but having upgraded my phone that includes free insurance with the plan I got (and being unable to travel at this time) the insurances won’t be of use to me. However, I’d be very happy to pay the fiver a month for Plus if I can easily downgrade without losing my custom categories and virtual cards.

If you downgrade, is the metal card redundant?


Custom categories still exist as I created one for international payments and it is still there after I cancelled and resigned up to Plus.

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Shame. But makes sense.

I’m minded to just cancel Premium, I think.

If there was a downgrade button I’d definitely do that, but I think I might give it a few months to see how much I miss the extra features.