Dominos app-ocalypse

I have a recurrent issue with paying on the dominos app; it directs me to approve it on the Monzo app, which I do but it often then proceeds with the transaction in the middle of me entering my passcode and creates some sort of tear in the space time continuum. It doesn’t usually cause an issue but this evening I paid for (and received) two identical dominos orders. Which isn’t ideal but also not the end of the world. Only now I’m down twenty quid and fat.


I have endless problems with Pizza Hut. Maybe it’s a round food retailer issue?

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But think of your lunch tomorrow!


Get the Auth code sent to you by text next time. That options still available for now!

Some retailers seem to have an issue with this part when it redirects away from the Monzo 3D secure page. Fortunately I’ve never had double orders, just a slight annoyance when I forget I need to use the text code instead.